IN 2018

Lesotho became the 37 th Country in the world to ratify the Marrakesh VIP treaty which calls for access to published works for people with print disabilities. Since the ratification, provisions of the treaty have not yet been fully implemented, that is, Lesotho’s copyright law has not yet been amended, therefore it is still not easy for individuals with print disabilities as well as entities such as libraries and schools to create accessible format copies and share them with other authorised recipients. In addition, many representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, Copyright office and Publishers are not aware of the barriers for accessing information for persons with print disabilities.

LNLVIP got into agreement with Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) as well as World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) to produce books in accessible formats for visually impaired persons (audio, braille and digital) which will be used in schools (high school and primary). The books will be distributed to schools and are meant to break all barriers for visually impaired student in accessing books in schools.