Inclusive Education

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION LNLVIP BELIEVES Education for visually impaired persons is key and is a tool to eradicate poverty and social exclusion. LNLVIP therefore supports inclusive education to ensures that visually impaired acquire education on equal basis with their sighted counterparts. With the support of Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted LNLVIP runs an […]

Human Rights

HUMAN RIGHTS THROUGH ITS HUMAN RIGHTS project LNLVIP ensures equal opportunity and participation of visually impaired person and equal benefit from all goods and services provided by the authorities in the country. The project as well is intended for all disability specific laws and policies in the country to be implemented and for all LNLVIP […]

Health Rights

AFRICAN DISABILITY PROTOCOL AND SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH RIGHTS ADP AND SRHR PROJECT is a double component program that is aimed to facilitate inclusive access to sexual and reproductive health services in public and private health centres for the visually impaired women, girls, men, boys and others including older persons. The other component is designed […]

Health and Rehabilitation

Health and Rehabilitation LNLVIP through its health and rehabilitation project offers early identification of visual impairment through vision screening conducted in the communities, and the interventions that follow are offering skills training for personal independence and re- integration in community activities. This includes orientation and mobility and activities of daily living. The project works in […]

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment LNLVIP ENVISIONS that visually impaired persons live in total independence and dignity and that they do not have to depend on family/friends. Though its economic empowerment project, the economic lives of visually impaired lives will be improved and they will live independent lives and reduce burdens placed on families and society. The program […]

Accessible Books Consortium

ACCESSIBLE BOOKS CONSORTIUM IN 2018 Lesotho became the 37 th Country in the world to ratify the Marrakesh VIP treaty which calls for access to published works for people with print disabilities. Since the ratification, provisions of the treaty have not yet been fully implemented, that is, Lesotho’s copyright law has not yet been amended, […]